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6 hours ago

Sublimation Transfers can be purchased through our Etsy Shop, click here to be redirected! :)

Terms of Use - Personal and Small Commercial



  • Due to individual designer licensing, screen print transfers may not be purchased for resale and may not be destashed.
  • Screen print transfers may be used for personal use or small commercial use on finished products only.



  • Finished digital designs may be used for both personal and small commercial use, but may not be copied, distributed, shared, or resold for any reason.
  • Digital files may be used unlimitedly for personal use.
  • Digital files may be used in small commercial settings up to 100 uses on physical products for sale. Once you have reached the 100 use limit, simply repurchase the file to renew the limit. (Limit does not apply to digital paper or monogram sets.)
  • Digital files may be used to sell sublimation transfers or waterslides with no additional license, up to 100 prints. Once you have reached the 100 print limit, simply repurchase the file to renew the limit. (Limit does not apply to digital paper or monogram sets.)
  • Effective 1/1/2021, a license is required for any other kind of transfers to be sold, including (but not limited to) screen print transfers, white toner transfers, DTF transfers, and printed HTV transfers. This applies to all designs added to the January 2021 Drive and onward, as well as any designs purchased after this date, regardless of when they were originally listed. By purchasing this file, you understand that selling transfers other than sublimation transfers or waterslides without obtaining the appropriate license is a violation of these Terms of Use. Please contact me for more information on this license.
  • Digital paper files may be used in both your physical and digital products, but may not be resold or altered and resold in their original form.
  • You may not claim designs as your own, nor may you alter designs and claim them as your own. Designs are offered only as finished files not intended to be modified unless otherwise specified.
  • Third party sharing/printing of any kind is not allowed - with or without a license.
  • All digital images/mockups featuring these designs in any way MUST be watermarked prior to being shared. The watermark should be placed in such a way to make it difficult for the image to be downloaded and repurposed (aka stolen). Please protect all designer artwork in this way, no matter who you purchase from!

Commercial use licensing/Drive access can be revoked at any time, with or without warning, as a result of violating these Terms of Use.


If you have any questions on my Terms of Use and how they might apply to your intended use of my designs, PLEASE reach out to me! This protects us both. :)