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September 2021 EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP - Handlettered Element Drive with Commercial Licensing for Digital Sales

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  • Access to the Handlettered Element Drive for the specified month. This exclusive drive will be loaded with single color, handlettered words or phrases throughout the month of your membership. 
  • Option to add up to 10 custom, single color, handlettered words or short phrases with commercial licensing as outlined in the Terms of Use below. ($200 value!) 
  • Commercial licensing that allows for use as a digital element in your own digital designs with no limit on the number of sales as outlined in the Terms of Use Below. Credit is not required, but is absolutely appreciated!
  • Digital file(s) in PNG format
  • High quality 300 DPI
  • These are not SVG files and are not guaranteed to work as such.




  • Thoroughly read through the Terms of Use outlined below. If you have any questions, PLEASE reach out for clarification.
  • Select either Drive Access Only or Drive Access & Customs Bundle.
  • If you purchase the Drive Access & Customs Bundle, you can request your custom handlettered files by sending an email to You'll need to put your order number in the subject line. You can choose to send your request for all 10 words/short phrases at the same time or here and there as needed. All requests for the month must be emailed by the 25th.
  • Turnaround time on custom handlettered files is 5-7 business days from the time you send your email.
  • This is not a purchase for ongoing credits towards custom requests for a later date. You must provide all requested words/short phrases, per the limits specified above, by the 25th of the month. Any unused customs on the 26th of the month will be forfeited and no refunds will be provided.
  • Custom handlettered files are NOT exclusive customs and may be made available to the public for purchase as a finished design, used as an element in a finished design, or included in drive subscriptions/memberships. If you would like your custom handlettered files to remain exclusive to only you, please send an email to to discuss pricing on exclusive rights.
  • Drive access is through Google Drive and the invitation will be sent to the email address used at checkout. A Gmail address is highly recommended for ease of access.




  • You may NOT resell these handlettered files in either their original or altered form. For digital products, these handlettered files are to be used as an element of a finished digital design, and must be combined with other creative design elements such as clipart and/or other text/lettering placed in a way that the original handlettered file cannot be lifted from your design and repurposed/resold. You MAY change the color of the handlettered files, and you may clip digital papers/patterns to the handlettered files as an element of a finished design as described above, however you MAY NOT alter a handlettered file in this manner and resell it digitally as its own completed design.
  • These handlettered files MAY be sold as sublimation and waterslide transfers in their original form or as an element of a finished design without any additional licensing. You must purchase a screen print license if you wish to sell these handlettered files in their original form as any other transfer type, including (but not limited to) screen print transfers, white toner transfers, DTF transfers, and printed HTV transfers. 
  • By purchasing this listing, you understand that selling transfers other than sublimation transfers or waterslides without obtaining the appropriate license is a violation of these Terms of Use. Please contact me for more information on this license.
  • You may not claim these files as your own, nor may you alter the files and claim them as your own. Handlettered files are offered only as finished files not intended to be modified outside of the parameters specified above without prior approval.
  • Third party sharing/printing of any kind is not allowed - with or without a license.
  • All digital images/mockups featuring these handlettered files in any way MUST be watermarked prior to being shared. The watermark should be placed in such a way to make it difficult for the image to be extracted and repurposed (aka stolen). Please protect all designer artwork in this way, no matter who you purchase from!

Please make sure you have the required software and knowledge to use this file before making your purchase. Digital files are non-refundable.

    Commercial use licensing/Drive access can be revoked at any time, with or without warning, as a result of violating these Terms of Use.